The Art Car Museum in Houston, Texas, is one of a kind experience. It’s located right on Allen Parkway and has been featured in many major publications for its unique design and diverse inventory. It has the largest permanent collection of art cars in the world with more than 400 vehicles! In addition to being home to some amazing cars, it also offers an interactive gallery space that changes every three months with new installation artwork by local artists. So if you’re looking for something fun and different while visiting our city, come check out what we have to offer at the Art Car Museum! Further facts about Houston, TX can be found here.

The museum features car exhibits that have been turned into art and other types of creative displays to inspire creativity in all who visit it. Visitors can enjoy both permanent and temporary exhibitions at this unique place. The Art Car Museum was opened in June of 2003 and has since been a huge success. Children under 12 enter free of charge when accompanied by an adult who pays the full entrance price. Admission prices don’t include special exhibitions, which may require separate fees to view depending upon what they include any possible associated parking ticket prices. Information about The Hidden Beauty of the Cockrell Butterfly Center in Houston, Texas can be found here.

Permanent And Temporary Exhibitions Are Featured At The Art Car Museum In Houston, Texas -One popular exhibit called “Horny Toad” features two cars perched upon poles on their pieces of land separated by water connected via rope bridges made out of bicycle chains hanging over the water. -“Screaming Yellow Zonker” is another popular exhibit that features a VW bug covered in yellow and orange fur with blue eyes, horns on top of its roof, and an airbrushed mouth with sharp teeth painted underneath the front right wheel where it appears to be biting down into the ground while balancing on two wheels at once.