American Wrecker is a towing company. So I forgive managers and others when they think that the only parking solution we can offer is towing. But that’s simply not true! Towing can be detrimental to occupancy rates and just a harsh thing to do at times. Here are ways we work WITH you to avoid it:

Digital Documentation

We know that all of you managers and apartment staff work very, very hard at keeping your residents happy and your units leased. And outside of that you also work hard to keep the parking lot looking good and free of unauthorized vehicles. To that end you usually give out a LOT of these:

But what car you put them on or when can often get lost in the hustle of every day work and life.

At American Wrecker we have a very simple app that you can have right on your phone that takes a photo, records the vehicle information and automatically lets us know about the vehicle as well. This way, all your effort at giving warnings is documented. And should the vehicle ever get to the point where it really needs to be towed (i.e. the owner of the vehicle is not responding and not heeding the warning(s)), you’ve got a perfectly documented paper trail to protect you.

But maybe, even with warnings, towing that vehicle is just not the kind of customer experience your property wants to provide. Well, we’ve got you covered. If you’ve given an on-vehicle warning (or warnings) and the problem is still not corrected, why not opt for immobilization?

Immobilization is a very fancy term for booting. We offer the most advanced booting system available today. Your residents don’t even have to wait for us to come “unboot” the car. For less than half the price and zero wait (and their vehicle never leaves the lot!), you can let that vehicle owner know that they are in violation. The sting of it is not as bad as a tow and it gives the individual one more chance to correct their behavior prior to towing.

There are plenty of other services we provide to actually avoid towing. Do you need to limit the number of people parking on your property, but are afraid that using permits will hurt occupancy? We’ve got you covered. Are you worried residents will forget to put their permit on their vehicle? We’ve got you (and them!) covered. Do you suspect that most of the vehicles in your visitor parking area are not really visitors? We can figure that out for you. And we can do all of it before a tow ever takes place.

The battle to gain control over the parking situation at your property is never going to be won by just towing people’s vehicles. You can only conquer that challenge by being fully aware of who is parking where and when and then deciding, very strategically, which issues to tackle first. And through the process, you can keep residents fully aware and also fully able to avoid a tow, day or night.

If any of this sounds like improvements your property could use, don’t hesitate to email us at: [email protected] or give us a call at: 713-681-9732. We’re here to help!