Located in the heart of Montgomery County, Texas, Hunters Creek Village is a living memorial for veterans. The Veterans Administration built the community to help to return World War II veterans find peace and tranquility after their long journey abroad. It offers affordable housing with all utilities included for the disabled or has limited income. Residents enjoy first-rate amenities, including a clubhouse, fitness center, library/learning center, theater room, computer lab, and more! Information can be found here.

Hunters Creek Village is a living memorial for veterans in Texas. The village was founded in 1969 by Colonel Harlan Sanders, the founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken. Sanders had the idea to create a community where military veterans could live together and receive their needed care. The village is home to over 900 veteran residents, making it one of the largest communities of its kind in the country. The village offers a wide range of services for its veteran residents, including on-site medical care, social activities, and job training programs. Several museums and monuments are located in the village that commemorates America’s military history. Hunters Creek Village is a unique and special place, and it is dedicated to serving those who have served our country. See here for information about A Tour of Hedwig Village, Texas.