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A Viable Alternative to Towing

Historically, the “solution” for all parking issues in Houston has been to either tow all violators or to continually give out warnings. The towing often creates backlash and the perpetual warnings usually lose their effectiveness pretty quickly as people realize there are only ever warnings, but never any real consequences. 

We propose that there ought to be more effective solutions that strike a balance somewhere in the middle. In addition to our extremely popular parking compliance service (our “anti-tow” service), we also boot. Booting can be an excellent solution to generate parking compliance without generating harsh push back. Our use of special boots allows vehicle owners to be on their way in a matter of minutes and the cost of removing a boot is very low compared to towing. 

Booting is available on select properties in select areas of town. If you’d like to see if your property would qualify, contact us at 713-681-9732. We’re here to help!

Parking Compliance in Action

In addition to booting and towing, we offer an “anti-tow” service that can help residents understand and respect the importance of following your property’s parking guidelines without having to tow or boot any cars. This service is growing rapidly in popularity. If towing seems too harsh of an option, let us know. We’ve got occupancy-focused solutions that get your residents to park right and keep those lease renewals high.