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How do I locate my vehicle?

If you believe your vehicle was towed by American Wrecker Service in Houston, TX, please call 713-681-9732 to locate your vehicle.

If you live in the city of Houston and you are not sure if your vehicle was towed or by whom, call the HPD Towline number at 713-308-8580

Why was my vehicle towed?

Vehicles can be towed from private property (this includes apartments, town homes, gated communities and commercial properties) for a number of reasons. To learn the specific reason that your vehicle was towed, please call 7813-681-9732 during our regular office hours and we can let you know the reason for the tow.

How do I dispute a tow?

If you believe your vehicle was towed in error, please call 713-681-9732 during our regular business hours. We can let you know on the spot the reason it was towed and, if the tow truly was an error on our part, we will do everything we can to make it right.

What if I believe my vehicle was damaged during towing?

If you recover your vehicle from the storage lot and you notice any damage, please report it immediately to us at 713-681-9732 during our regular business hours. We have in-house mechanics and staff specially trained to assess and process all types of damage claims. You will be asked to provide photo evidence of the damage BEFORE the vehicle is moved from the lot and a claims analyst may request to physically review the vehicle before any repairs are made.

Placard fell down?

Sometimes mistakes happens and you may have let your parking permit or handicap permit fall to the ground or otherwise not be displayed properly in the your vehicle. These things happen.

If this is the case with your vehicle, please contact our office immediately. DO NOT GO TO YOUR VEHICLE AT THE STORAGE LOT without being accompanied by a staff member. The presence of a fully visible permit inside your vehicle must be verified by us or one of our agents BEFORE you have any contact with the vehicle at all. Any unaccompanied visit to the vehicle before we can physically verify permit location will invalidate any claim.

Call us during regular business hours at

713-681-9732 BEFORE visiting the storage lot so we can meet you there or have one of our agents go out to inspect for permits a second time.

Can my apartment manager get my vehicle released?

No. Absolutely not.

We have heard of storage lots or other individuals telling people that by contacting their apartment or property manager they could ask for a vehicle to be released. Even if that were the manager’s desire, the manager him/herself CANNOT release a vehicle. Only the tow company that towed the vehicle can do anything about the tow once it has happened. If you believe your car was towed in error, your apartment or property manager cannot help you to get it released. You must deal directly with the towing company that towed your vehicle as they are the only authorized party to release the vehicle.