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Junk Car Removal

Apartment buildings and commercial properties are not storage yards and they shouldn’t be treated as such. If you have an issue with vehicles bearing flat tires, missing parts, leaking fluids or vehicles that just seem abandoned, we can help. We always give and document adequate warnings. After the warning, if the problem is not corrected, we take care of it so your property can look as sharp and clean as possible.

Parking Lot Striping

Lots of towing companies paint. But nobody paints like us. Our equipment and our paint crew is top of the line. You won’t get some tow truck driver doubling as a paint tech. Our paint and sign crew do only that – paint parking lots and hang signs. And they’re good at it. They provide work that is above industry standard which keeps your property looking sharp!

Day and Nighttime Patrols

Our day and nighttime patrols for parking violations is second to no one. Most towing companies will only come if there’s something to tow. Not us. We provide a whole suite of services designed to actively patrol your property encouraging parking compliance. Whether you need us to actively tow or just warn residents that parking is getting out of hand, we have you covered.

Close and Cheap

Some towing companies play favorites with different storage lots and make your residents drive super far or pay extra money when picking up their vehicles. Not us. We use only 24/7 storage lots that are located as close as possible to your property. We don’t tow to other municipalities where the tow fee is higher just to get a few extra bucks. Getting a car towed is bad enough. We resist adding insult to injury by keeping the distance and the cost as low as possible.

Parking Lot Services

While you may just think of us as a towing company, don’t stop there. We’re experts in parking. We know how many handicap spots your lot should have, we can see where you can squeeze in a few more spaces and we definitely know how wide the driveway needs to be for a fire/emergency access. We also see your property when you probably don’t – i.e. after hours. We know what kind of traffic you have, how active it is, how many visitors are littering on your lot and more. When it comes to giving you detailed facts and information that you need to run your community well, make us an asset to your organization. Our drivers and patrol officers play close attention and can provide detailed reports, photos and videos of any kind of activity which concerns you.

Towing Information Page

Every day we field the same types of questions from our hundreds of managers through the city. When you want to know how many spaces you have, whether that handicap space is well placed or if you can put in some parallel spaces without violating fire codes, we have the answers. A great place to start is our Towing Information Page (our FAQs). And if you cannot find an answer there, please call or email us. We’d love to get the answer for you and publish it here for others to see as well. Our email address: [email protected]