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Booting Now Available in
Select Areas

Gaining parking compliance and making sure your residents have adequate parking can be a problem. Towing, however, is not always the solution. We now offer booting in select areas in addition to our extremely popular “anti-tow” parking compliance program. Click below to find out more. 



Parking Management

Private property towing is our specialty. We have the permits, the paint and the programs to keep your community looking sharp and your parking in compliance.

Resident Retention

We guarantee the highest level of professionalism in parking enforcement with a focus on maintaining occupancy. No one has more resident focused solutions than us.​​

Legal Defense

We’re at the forefront of ever-changing laws and are fully committed to defending every policy we enforce and every vehicle we tow.​​


Does your towing service answer the phone 24/7? Do they send out only uniformed, professional drivers? Do they work WITH you to form solutions that increase parking compliance without negatively affecting your property’s occupancy? Can they offer alternatives to towing that gain the parking compliance you need? Or, are they all about the tow?

American Wrecker is one of the longest-running private property towing services in the city of Houston. We always have a live person answering every call and you’re never going to wonder where we have run off to or why our name suddenly changed. We don’t even have a salesforce. 85% of our new business comes by word of mouth. We’d love to show you the difference that a truly professional, truly committed towing service can make in your parking set up.

We are uniformed, bilingual and ready to serve!

Ask us about are non-tow parking lot compliance programs and our unique programs for ensuring parking enforcement never harms your occupancy ratings.

Call us today and see what a difference we can make!




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    Tow Truck Company and Towing Service Near Me In Porter Heights Texas

    Roadside Assistance

    Private Property Impound Towing Company (PPI)

    Junk Car Removal

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    Towing Made Simple with American Wrecker

    Suppose you happen to be driving by way of a highway and your car stops suddenly. You can’t figure out what’s wrong along with the nearest car repair store is miles away. There’s no option but to call a towing company to steer your automobile to safety. So we are here to achieve that. American Wrecker provides the experience with towing any sort of car away. Whether it’s a compact 4-wheeler or anything as massive as a box truck, we ensure that your car returns in your destination safely.

    Towing services

    Towing involves precision and also the drivers at American Wrecker have the experience to manage big vehicles easily. All you need to do is phone us and that we sends a team to your location immediately. You can share your live location so that we could stick to the GPS and reach you on the earliest. We comes with the necessary machines in order that the members don’t have to go forward and backward before towing your vehicle.

    Private property impounding and towing

    There are towing firms that make extra bucks by making your residents drive quite far away from your original location. They may have good terms with some other storage lots thus can force customers to spend extra to retrieve their cars from these storage lots. But we never play foul with anyone. We believe that honesty is the best policy. And when this means earning several bucks less, then so be it.

    American Wrecker uses 24 x 7 storage lots located close to your house. We are going to never tow your automobile to a few other municipality by using a higher towing fee to make more money. Our drivers recognize how pathetic it is actually to tow away your prized possession. And that we won’t add insult to injury by slapping a tremendous towing fee. You are able to count on us to help keep the space low so that you will don’t must pay a huge service charge.

    Roadside assistance

    It’s frustrating when you find yourself driving fast to achieve the destination by the due date and the car malfunctions right in the center of the road. Or maybe you met with a minor accident along with the car won’t move because of some problems with the engine. Rather than squandering your time considering where to start next, you need to give American Wrecker a call immediately. Whether it’s 2 am at nighttime or 5 am each day, we have been always able to provide prompt roadside assistance. When you are in the radar, consider a professional team approaching your location in certain minutes once you have your call.

    We know that men and women feel puzzled when their cars don’t work. Sometimes you may not find any car mechanic shop nearby, especially if you are driving with a highway. But that doesn’t mean you won’t get any help. Give us a call and find out how swiftly we work. Hopefully which you don’t face any unfortunate situation similar to this, but should you, consider American Wrecker as your go-to company. Our drivers will tow your car away to the closest repair store or anywhere you want. Just inform us your location by leaving the remainder to us.

    Junk car removal

    Do you have your grandfather’s age-old car within your garage that doesn’t work? It has leaking fluids, missing parts, and flat tires, and you will have no intention to mend it. This kind of car isn’t good to maintain in and around your home as one never knows when these fluids cause a crash. Instead, it is possible to remove the car and use the garage to keep a fresh car. And when it involves removing junk cars, American Wrecker comes to the rescue.

    We can easily handle any sort of junk vehicle you have with your garage or backyard. From old Fiats to tractors, you can rely on us to remove junk cars off to a secure location which means your property looks neat and clean.

    American Wrecker is actually a reliable, experienced, and professional towing company that actually works 24 x 7 to deliver immediate assistance whenever necessary. You are able to call us at 713 681 9732 and inform where you are. Or, it is possible to put in place a gathering if you would like some of our other services, for example car park striping, day and nighttime patrol, and car park services.

    Tow Truck Company & Towing Service Near Me in Porter Heights TX.

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